Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention & Control Policy - 

Zara - Beautiful Hair & Makeup -


Relevant from 25/2/22 - 



The following points are current & will stay in place permanently -


Trials are limited to the bride & 2 others maximum- this is to ensure there is adequate space in my studio to provide hairstyling/makeup safely & comfortably. 


I have increased the frequency of cleaning in my home including making sure that my home studio, common areas & surfaces, toilets door handles, toilet, bathroom are cleaned using disinfectant products between each client as well as steam cleaning carpets & seating.


All makeup products, makeup/hair tools and equipment will be disinfected or sterilised for your safety between each & every client.


You will have access to soap and hot water/anti bacterial hand sanitiser to wash your hands with as soon as you enter my home. Disposable towels will be available to you to dry your hands.


Please don’t be surprised or upset as I/my team will be using personal protective equipment (PPE) during your visit. All disposable items are bagged and safely removed from the treatment area between each client. I understand the importance of hand hygiene and I will ensure that I wash my hands before the start of your booking & at frequent intervals throughout.


My studio will be well ventilated in whilst providing close contact services - unfortunately I will have to open windows slightly even if the weather is chilly!


On your wedding day at your home or venue - 


A suitable sized space for makeup/hair set up will be required - a table & chair to lay out everything needed to provide your hair/makeup styling/application. Please ensure I/we are able to work in a safe environment for you & your wedding party as we provide a close contact service & use very hot hairstyling tools which can easily burn anyone that may accidentally touch them or bump into us whilst we’re using them! 


The following section of this guide is only relevant should any new/updates government restrictions occur regarding Covid-19 that may prevent or inhibit weddings/my business practices - please be aware of the following - 


If I/or any of my team feel ill or have symptoms of C0VlD-19, I / they will self-isolate immediately. This may mean that I have to cancel your appointment at short notice. I appreciate that this may be inconvenient but it is done entirely for your own safety. If your appointment is cancelled you will be able to re-book again or in the case of being your wedding day I will source another team member so you can rest assured you will have a fully insured, professional hair/makeup artist/s for your special day.


For your trial appointment, wedding day booking or any special occasion booking - 


If you or any of the people you live or anyone in your wedding party or anyone they live with feel ill or display any symptoms of C0VlD-19 – please advise me as soon as possible and DO NOT COME TO MY HOME STUDIO FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT, if I was due to your home/venue location please also inform me as soon as possible as I will not be able to visit you.


Visiting my home studio for pre wedding trials/special occasion bookings -  


ALL clients are asked to wear a face covering to appointments (unless you are exempt), as we work in close contact with you - please ensure you are wearing your mask upon entry to my home studio - your face covering will need to be worn at all times apart from when I/we are directly applying your makeup, you will need to wear it whist I/we style your hair. If you're having both hair & makeup - your hairstyling will be done first so you can wear your mask, makeup will then be applied after hairstyling for which you can remove your face covering. 

All of these procedures have been implemented for your safety, myself & that of my team. I will continue to take advice from the Government and the NHS regarding safe practice and will amend as necessary keeping you informed at all times.


Thanks you for your understanding & I'm really looking forward to seeing you soon.


Best Wishes,

Zara Willetts

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