Hollywood waves are a style that looks incredibly beautiful, inspired by the classic vintage Hollywood Wave this look requires time & skill to perfect! This hairstyle is very versatile from being very structured & set waves or you can have a more relaxed brushed out version, the style can also be adapted to a waved pony tail or half up, half down hairstyle.

To create a classic Hollywood Wave style on medium to long hair approximately 2 to 2.5 hours is needed as hair needs to be prepared, clip in extensions are usually required to add volume to help add structure & form the waves, then hair is sectioned, curled & pinned, time is required to set then there's brushing out & finishing the style. If on very long hair then more time will be required to create this style.



This look is really beautiful & one I love creating, but please do consider the time needed if you'd love this style, the technique can't be rushed! I may not have time to provide services for lots of others in your bridal party if creating this look.


Please do get in touch if you'd love this classic style, I can advise & recommend if this is suitable for you & then if applicable go onto create this style at your trial using my clip in extensions - I can then recommend what colour, length & thickness extension you would need to have ready for your wedding day styling. Extra costs would be applicable for the clip in extensions, the cost depends on the length & thickness you'd need, to give you an idea - high quality, real hair, full head clip in extensions that are 18 inches in length are currently around £100 to £150. 

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