Your pre-wedding trial is a great way to try out your ideal hair/makeup looks, your trial also ensures any makeup products we use are compatible with your skin. Trials are held at Zara's home studio near Stratford upon Avon (CV37 8FA). You are welcome to book your trial anytime, but the usual is 2-4 months before your wedding day.


We have everything needed to style your hair & use our extensive makeup kits, using only the very best cruelty free cosmetic brands. If you have sensitive skin or eyes & have a preferred brand of your own that you would like us to use that's no problem!


Trial costs are payable by bank transfer before your trial date (Zara will contact you a week before your trial to arrange payment) or you're welcome to pay in cash on trial day (but please remember to bring this with you as there is no cash point nearby!)


Please note due to my studio size there is a limit to 3 people visiting my studio at any one time, this is to ensure there is adequate space for me to provide hairstyling & makeup (I need space all around you for this!) & for clients to fit comfortably in the space I have.

If you have any contagious illness (i.e cold, flu, bronchitis, conjunctivitis) or any infectious skin issues such as cold sores - PLEASE re schedule your appointment! I do not wish to contract any illness that may effect my wedding bookings meaning I have to let brides down last minute due to sickness.


Having a bridal trial before your wedding day is essential, this is to ensure any products used are compatible for your skin & hairstyles chosen are suited to you, it isn't necessary to include bridesmaids/mother of the bride for trials unless anyone has specific skin sensitivity issues & needs to trial makeup. If anyone from your wedding party does require a trial this will need to be on the same trial day as the bride - please bear in mind it takes time to create beautiful long lasting hair & makeup , time taken depends on hairstyles required, hair length & covering any makeup issues, an approximate time of at least 2 hours is required for a bridal hair & makeup trial, if hair only 1-2 hours, makeup only 1-2 hours.


*If you require Hollywood waves hairstyling we will need approx 2.5 hours just for your hair as creating this style is a process! Your waves take time & can't be done quickly, we will usually need to add clip in extensions too. If you're having both hair & makeup please expect your appointment to last at least 3.5 hours.

Having a trial also helps us to estimate timings for your wedding day, we will create a time schedule for your wedding day preparations, along with any photos we take of your finished look we also make notes of all makeup products used & designed hairstyles in order to re-create hair/makeup looks on your wedding day. 

* Zara will create a time schedule for your wedding morning once your pre wedding trial is completed - this is to ensure you know when Zara/team will arrive & everyone in the bridal party knows what time & how long they are needed for. We always ensure everyone is ready in plenty of time before your ceremony - usually one hour before your ceremony so you have time to dress & have photos in a relaxed manner. For this reason it's important everyone we are styling is on time & ready to style when we need them as late arrivals/not being available create much less time for us to complete everyone's styling & could risk us running out of time for everyone. We pride ourselves in creating a calm & relaxed atmosphere especially for the bride on her special day, anyone causing delay may risk not having their hair/makeup completed.


  Make the most out of your trial - 


* Send me photos before your trial of your hair/makeup ideas 

  * Wear your hair down, please wash & blow dry the night before or on the morning of your trial, please don’t put any product in it or wear it up with tight hair bands as these create deep kinks in your hair


* Bring your veil, wedding hair accessories, and earrings


* Bring a photo of your dress so I can see the neckline


 * Wear white (or whatever colour your wedding dress is)


Arrive with no makeup on, and your skin moisturised


* Bring images of hair & makeup looks you like - choose hairstyle images that reflect your own hair colour/length & makeup images that reflect a similar skin tone & eye colour if possible to provide a realistic look


* If you wear make up regularly bring photos of you wearing it to show me how you’d usually apply makeup 


 * If you plan to wear fake tan on your wedding day, it's a good idea to have the same shade on for your trial so you can see how your makeup will really look on the day 


 * Bring your makeup bag and go-to products 


 * You're welcome to bring along one or two others from your wedding party for trusted & valued opinions, please don't expect to bring your whole wedding party - maximum limit is 3 clients in my studio at any one time! 

* Most of all - enjoy yourself! 


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